The Living Room

Livingroom door ajar, showing remains of yellow paint.

My creative non-fiction piece “The Living Room” was published in Dreamers Magazine (issue 8: March-June 2021) and is now available on their site, Dreamers Creative Writing. If you know me or knew Susan, this is, as I’ve been told “a tough read.” Nonetheless, I hope you’ll read it.

A couple of people have expressed concern about the years I’ve dedicated to writing about this painful part of my life–losing Susan. Yes, writing has helped me process my grief. Sure, who doesn’t want to be a published author. My broader purpose, though, is to share my story and, in so doing, maybe help someone else, for even a millisecond, feel less alone with their own grief. That sentence seems trite. But it’s something I feel deeply.

And I’m fine, really. If you know me, please know I feel content with my life as I’m now living it. As content as a worrier can, anyway!

Yellow window


I may never write a book, so I’m going to include acknowledgments right here in this post. I wrote the first draft of “The Living Room” in 2015 and got lots of help in Writing to Heal classes at Grub Street, taught by Jennifer Crystal. It also went through two workshops with a Medford writing group led by pal, and fellow Dreamers author, Kimi Ceridon. You have to check out her deeply moving piece, which is in the same issue (because she told me about the deadline!).

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