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Women’s Professional Soccer has suspended the 2012 season

Two days ago, on January 30, Women’s Professional Soccer announced that they have “suspended” (according to Soccer Wire) the 2012 season. I’m left bereft: what about my team? What about my Boston Breakers? Also, I’m adamant I will start a blog post and actually finish it rather than leaving it in draft purgatory!

Most of the people I “follow” on Twitter are women’s soccer players, writers, fans, teams, or leagues. Whenever any of them writes a post (limited to 140 characters), it appears in my “feed,” also known as my Twitter home page. Two nights ago, I checked Twitter starting with that morning’s posts. The first murmur something was wrong with the WPS came mid-morning from reporter/blogger Jenna Pel of AllWhiteKit.com.

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The elusive “soccer mom” (and a bit of Betty Friedan)

Pejorative pigeonholes

Honda Minivan

When we hear, “she’s a soccer mom,” we Americans all know the speaker means that the woman drives her kid, and perhaps their friends, to and from soccer in a minivan. Like all stereotypes, there is additional meaning lurking just below the surface. However, because this stereotype is “coded” with markers of the dominant culture, those of us within any part of that culture may not “read” deeper. A “soccer mom” drives a nice late-model minivan, the family’s second car. Her husband drives the sedan to work. The wife is probably harried by having to organize when she drives which kid where, but has the time to do it: she doesn’t [need to] work for pay. The husband, wife, and children (most likely biological) live in the suburbs. The practice uniforms, because they also have game uniforms, are clean when the kids leave the car and dirty when they come back. Unspoken but especially important to the stereotype is that the soccer mom is white. Continue reading The elusive “soccer mom” (and a bit of Betty Friedan)

Not Just for Geeks: How I use my iPad & What It’s Done for Me

This is another installment of “Not Just for Geeks,” in which I try to give non-technies insight into technologies I find interesting. The previous one was about Magical iPhone Technologies. {Braced comments are for other iPad users.}

Wait: don’t go! Even if you’re not a self-professed geek, you may find something of interest here.

When the iPad first came out, I knew I didn’t want one. For someone like me who “needs” gear, this was highly unusual. True to my nature, however, within 3 months I had figured out the tremendous need it could fill, figured out roughly how I would configure it to meet my requirements for true mobility, and, of course, bought one. While I am always interested in seeing how new technology can push the boundaries, the ways in which I routinely use my iPad are mundane. Nonetheless, for me, using an iPad has been revolutionary. Continue reading Not Just for Geeks: How I use my iPad & What It’s Done for Me

Fairy Rings and Porch Cones

Last night at soccer practice, a ring of cones appeared by my equipment bag that looked something like this picture.

Diagram of cones

“Woah, what’s that?  A battle ring?”

“Who arranged the cones like that?”

“It looks like a protective circle or something.”

“Tim must have done that.  Hey, look what Tim did.”

I ignored them: “hey, could you pick those up for me and put them in my bag?”

“Ooo, yuck, is there bug spray on these?  There’s bug spray on these.” Continue reading Fairy Rings and Porch Cones