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Not Just for Geeks: How I use my iPad & What It’s Done for Me

This is another installment of “Not Just for Geeks,” in which I try to give non-technies insight into technologies I find interesting. The previous one was about Magical iPhone Technologies. {Braced comments are for other iPad users.}

Wait: don’t go! Even if you’re not a self-professed geek, you may find something of interest here.

When the iPad first came out, I knew I didn’t want one. For someone like me who “needs” gear, this was highly unusual. True to my nature, however, within 3 months I had figured out the tremendous need it could fill, figured out roughly how I would configure it to meet my requirements for true mobility, and, of course, bought one. While I am always interested in seeing how new technology can push the boundaries, the ways in which I routinely use my iPad are mundane. Nonetheless, for me, using an iPad has been revolutionary. Continue reading Not Just for Geeks: How I use my iPad & What It’s Done for Me

Not Just for Geeks: Magical [iPhone] Technologies

I’ve been writing this blog for a little while now, and haven’t yet given in to The Geek Side.  I can keep it at bay no longer.

iPhone compass

Technology may scare or, what?, even bore some of you. If this describes you, please give this blog post a try anyway. You may never want to take advantage of any of these capabilities, but I invite you to join me in wonder!

I’m tempted to describe how my iPhone has become my indispensable companion but . . . did you hear that?  The folks who wouldn’t describe themselves as “geek” just clicked away from this page, or gave a heavy sigh to muster the fortitude to keep reading, purely out of devotion to me.  Okay, okay.

Keeping my electronic calendar and address book with me at all times?  Having a cell phone?  Reading the latest news from The New York Times in the palm of my hand?  The bedroom aglow as I play solitaire? Access to the bus schedule while on the run?  All are now old hat, and required components in my life.

When I got my iPhone, I became dependent on a number of features that were new and wonderful to me. Continue reading Not Just for Geeks: Magical [iPhone] Technologies