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What Susan Made of My Birthday

May 2016

Twenty-seven years ago today, we pulled into the gravel parking lot of Lisa’s one-room “studio” apartment in Susan’s white four-door Jeep Cherokee, “Butch Running Truck.” Ostensibly, my friend Lisa was making the two of us a treat for my birthday. We climbed steep outdoor stairs and knocked on the glass door.

“Surprise!” Lisa and several of my other graduate school friends yelled.

“Eeek!” I countered.

The Cake (my sister)

We all sat on the floor talking, and then, as if by magic, out came The Cake, with twenty-eight candles on top (including one to grow on). When we were young, my sisters and I had that chocolate cake for every birthday. My mom had grown up not having to wait for birthdays to eat it: my grandmother had baked the two-layer, round, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting every week for my grandfather. Continue reading What Susan Made of My Birthday

What’s the ruling?

Given what soccer means to me now, it’s embarrassing to remember how little I knew about it when I went to see the U.S. Women’s National Team play in the 1999 World Cup against North Korea. I had a fantastic time, moving forward and back on my seat, popping up and yelling “YES!” then “uuuuuh” on the way back down. I triumphantly jumped up and down at each of our three goals, throwing my voice into the roar. I bought my first sports souvenir, a mini-ball, and thought about the match for days afterwards.

Each panel of the mini-ball featured a U.S. host city. Note the Statue of Liberty.

Honestly, I must have missed at least one of those goals. My son was six months old and spent much of the game in the baby backpack on the ground in front of me, cradled in between my knees. It was the only place that gave him a little shelter from the abrupt, and therefore startling, movements and noise of the big people surrounding him. Continue reading What’s the ruling?

Women’s Professional Soccer has suspended the 2012 season

Two days ago, on January 30, Women’s Professional Soccer announced that they have “suspended” (according to Soccer Wire) the 2012 season. I’m left bereft: what about my team? What about my Boston Breakers? Also, I’m adamant I will start a blog post and actually finish it rather than leaving it in draft purgatory!

Most of the people I “follow” on Twitter are women’s soccer players, writers, fans, teams, or leagues. Whenever any of them writes a post (limited to 140 characters), it appears in my “feed,” also known as my Twitter home page. Two nights ago, I checked Twitter starting with that morning’s posts. The first murmur something was wrong with the WPS came mid-morning from reporter/blogger Jenna Pel of AllWhiteKit.com.

Continue reading Women’s Professional Soccer has suspended the 2012 season