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Not Just for Geeks: How I use my iPad & What It’s Done for Me

This is another installment of “Not Just for Geeks,” in which I try to give non-technies insight into technologies I find interesting. The previous one was about Magical iPhone Technologies. {Braced comments are for other iPad users.}

Wait: don’t go! Even if you’re not a self-professed geek, you may find something of interest here.

When the iPad first came out, I knew I didn’t want one. For someone like me who “needs” gear, this was highly unusual. True to my nature, however, within 3 months I had figured out the tremendous need it could fill, figured out roughly how I would configure it to meet my requirements for true mobility, and, of course, bought one. While I am always interested in seeing how new technology can push the boundaries, the ways in which I routinely use my iPad are mundane. Nonetheless, for me, using an iPad has been revolutionary. Continue reading Not Just for Geeks: How I use my iPad & What It’s Done for Me

E-Calendars Anonymous

Hi everyone. My name is Kim. I’m an e-calendar-aholic, and this is my first time at one of these meetings.

Welcome, Kim,” said the group of about 5, seated in the windowless, cinder block room, with orange, white, blue, and beige cabling covering the ceiling.

Kim,” said the leader, a white woman in her mid-thirties with her dark hair neatly pulled back in a ponytail. “Please tell us your story.”

I shifted myself on the slippery aluminum fold-up chair and began.

I’m one of those people who often forget what day today is. When I got my first digital watch, of course I started timing everything I could with the chronometer. And of course I annoyed everyone around me with “beep-beep . . . beep-beep beep-beep,” as I pushed each of the buttons, struggling to turn off the alarm I’d so cleverly set. The most mind-blowing feature, however, was that at a glance I could see not just the time and date, but the day of the week! Back when I wore that watch, I wonder how much time of any given day I spent checking where I stood within those three markers: time, date, and day.

I moved my short legs yet again, trying to find a position that allowed my feet to find the floor. Continue reading E-Calendars Anonymous

Words: A Foible

Luxurious words come to me, particularly when I write.  Aegis.  Austere.  Foible.  Gibe.  The sounds are part and parcel of the words.  They say to me, aurally, what they mean.  Loquacious:  my son.

Then I worry that the word that has appeared in my mind isn’t accurate.  Maybe I’m using the wrong one.

Carvaggio Foundation image

Aegis: according to one–albeit pathetic–dictionary, “support.”  According to my brain it means “under the banner of.”  But let me be sure.  Whence aegis?  The derivation bares the meaning I intended.  “The goatskin shield or breastplate of Zeus or Athena.  Athena’s shield carried at its center the head of Medusa.” Continue reading Words: A Foible

Not Just for Geeks: Magical [iPhone] Technologies

I’ve been writing this blog for a little while now, and haven’t yet given in to The Geek Side.  I can keep it at bay no longer.

iPhone compass

Technology may scare or, what?, even bore some of you. If this describes you, please give this blog post a try anyway. You may never want to take advantage of any of these capabilities, but I invite you to join me in wonder!

I’m tempted to describe how my iPhone has become my indispensable companion but . . . did you hear that?  The folks who wouldn’t describe themselves as “geek” just clicked away from this page, or gave a heavy sigh to muster the fortitude to keep reading, purely out of devotion to me.  Okay, okay.

Keeping my electronic calendar and address book with me at all times?  Having a cell phone?  Reading the latest news from The New York Times in the palm of my hand?  The bedroom aglow as I play solitaire? Access to the bus schedule while on the run?  All are now old hat, and required components in my life.

When I got my iPhone, I became dependent on a number of features that were new and wonderful to me. Continue reading Not Just for Geeks: Magical [iPhone] Technologies